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Innovative research projects exploring new solutions and rethinking our relationship to new technology. I strongly believe that collaborations are the key to innovative solutions. That is why this studio is crossing disciplines in collaborations, focusing on design, the latest technological innovations and food creations. Bringing together the creations of something new, and to trigger new perspectives for sustainable solutions in a near future. The collaborations with amazing people with different perspectives such as engineers, scientists and chefs have open up new paths and has brought the desserts to a new augmented dimension.

Erika Marthins

Founder & CEO


Chef Fabien Pairon

Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Chef Kevin Zwygart

Multi-skilled pastry chef specialized in gastronomic desserts

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL

Investigates the future of artificial intelligence and robotics.


Rayform light shaping technology

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Augmented Food Studio

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